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Mid-City and West Adams community.



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Short Story published in the LA Weekly

Let's Get Lost

"I haven’t passed an exit in the last half-hour, but one miraculously appears. It’s an exit with a gas station north of the Grapevine. A beautiful oasis, surrounded by flat, golden fields, with coffee and a telephone. My crippled wagon pulls in and clanks to a halt, and I step out into sun and dry desert wind in my hair and the deep quiet of all that uninterrupted space. The unexpected has caught me."

Childrens book

Puck Goes to Heaven

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Over 30 film reviews including

Steve McQueen: The Essence of Cool(2005)

Filmmonthly.com 05/26/2005

"The skillful collage of images are key to Freedman’s expert ability to connect the audience with the full expression of McQueen’s vulnerability, tough minded street smarts, joyful sexy expression of  masculinity, dancer like grace and aggressive ambition. Very hot, very cool and highly recommended."


Melanie Pullen @ ACE Gallery

October 2008, White Hot Magazine of Contemporary Art

"At her best, when she is reining in the faux drama or sly commentary, she creates genuinely quiet poetic moments, such as the image of the single dead soldier lying on the beach with a setting sun or in a quiet, snowy forest glen.


Nancy Evans "Tiny Alice"

High Performance, Issue # 37, 1987

"Scottie welcomed the diversion of a third character, Scarlet, played with wonderful comic flair by Patty Podesta. Sensual, mischievous and indolent, she presented an earthy, playful contrast to dreamy Alice. Lurching through the door holding her glass high and demanding "INDULGE US PLEASE!" she was drunk, annoyed and in no mood for advice. Scottie welcomed this delicious distraction from Tiny Alice’s enormous self-concern."


The Real Threat To Marriage

The religious conservatives have it wrong ... again. Gay marriage will not destroy the institute of marriage. How can people who want to get married end marriage? In fact, gay men and women who crave marriage are the distraction, the front, the “beard” if you will for the real secret, pervasive threat to the Institute of Marriage ... childless, single, joyous, happy and free women who just can’t get worked up about getting married and who do not want children. And our numbers are growing.

Aging. What Lies Ahead

So I didn’t feel any “oh ohs” about getting older...until my 60th birthday. That’s when it began to dawn on me that I had passed the halfway mark awhile ago. Add this slow awakening to the experience of time speeding up and without a doubt my senior years have not only arrived — they are gaining momentum. That light at the end of the tunnel of life is a train coming right at me.