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Owner, Editor-In-Chief, Reporter, Publisher
The Neighborhood News.


About the Neighborhood News

Reporter, editor, assign and edit stories, ad sales, layout designer, oversee distribution of 15,000 free issues to the community.

2006 – 2007          
Associate Editor

Created two features, oversaw three, conducted interviews, transcribed tape’s, edited interviews, researched, wrote intro’s to articles, created headers and chose pull quotes, line edited for magazine and website and was a liaison with writers.

"Dianne Lawrence was an associate editor and integral member of our editorial team for six months. She was industrious and enthusiastic with any task she was assigned, completing her assignments on time and with a professional and positive attitude. She was also a thoughtful interviewer, a real strength of hers, and a talented writer, solid line editor and thorough researcher. She showed promise as well as a reporter. She brings integrity and thoughtfulness to her position, communicates well with her co-workers and is open to feedback.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Jay Levin 310-476-3263
Editorial Director of RealTALK LA
Original creator of the LA Weekly"

1998 + 2006
Coagula (LA Art Journal)
Editor-At-Large, Reviewer.

I conducted, transcribed and edited interviews with top L.A. and N.Y. artists; John Baldessari, Mary Corse, Sue Coe, James Hayward, John Miller, Mike Bidlo and Osseus Labrynth

"Dianne Lawrence brought much talent and experience to the table when she contributed to Coagula Art Journal. Her insightful features were popular with readers and helped the publication expand its brand."

Mat Gleason, founder and Editor Coagula

LA Weekly
Writer, Short story. “Let’s Get Lost”

L. A. Style
Writer Included in "What a Dump!

Tales from Al's Bar, L.A.'s distinguished demi-monde dive."
A series of short stories by Al's habitués.

Freelance writer
Translated Sprint cell phone instructions into user-friendly script for animated online character named Claire. Took complicated instructions and turned them into user friendly text. Content development of script for Talkie animated online host character "Electra".


Art, film, performance

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May 16, 2007
To Whom It May Concern
RE:            Reference for Dianne Lawrence

Dear Reader:
I am writing to offer personal and professional reference for Ms. Dianne Lawrence.
Film Monthly a monthly magazine that reviews films, television shows and events, video and DVD releases.  Currently in our 8th year, we average over 1 million new readers per month.  Our ISSN number is 2339 and our URL is http://www.filmmonthly.com.

For the past three years Dianne has been an integral member of our staff, providing timely reviews and festival coverage to our loyal readers.  She has tackled every assignment with the kind of professionalism and diligence I find exemplary.  She has completed every assignment in a timely manner and never hesitates if she has a question or requires assistance in any way.

Several years ago we experienced a difficult period when we lost three different editors to other publications.  Throughout this period Dianne was of great help to the publication, offering assistance, guidance, feedback and perspective while the new editor got “up to speed” with operations.

It is due to this level of quality and conscientiousness that I recommend Dianne for whichever position she may seek.

Thank you very much for your time.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

 Del Harvey   Publisher, FilmMonthly.com    delharvey@yahoo.com


Over 40 film reviews including coverage for 3 Festivals from 2003-2007.